Alliance for Government Virtual Engagements

We are a non-profit membership organization, formed specifically to address the needs of government around the utilization of virtual engagement technologies and practices in the public sector.

What are Virtual Engagements?this is what we do in a nutshell

Virtual engagements refer to any online technology interface that facilitates social or strategic training, learning, research, collaboration, conferencing, and/or information transfer.

Adoption of these technology solutions is growing quickly. The “2013-2018 Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market Forecast” calls for a compound annual growth rate of 56% through 2018. And the cost savings are impressive. Public sector installations have saved more than 95% vs. traditional physical events, conferences and symposiums.

Due to policy changes and the significant cost savings associated with virtual engagement technology, these systems are an increasingly important topic for government to explore. Unfortunately, there has not been a way for the private and public sectors to intermingle, experiment, develop and utilize virtual engagement technologies for government use.

The Alliance for Government Virtual Engagements (AGVE) was formed specifically to meet the ever-increasing virtual engagement requirements of government.

AGVE is vender-neutral, nonprofit-based organization that is committed to the advancement and implementation of best practice and standards around the utilization of virtual engagement technologies for business use in the public sector. We partner with both public and private organizations to proactively address technical, logistical, educational, and managerial issues associated with the facilitation of government-funded conferences, learning opportunities, telework, collaboration, and other uses through virtual technology products and services.

Our Mission

To enable the use of virtual engagement solutions within federal, state, tribal and local sectors – thereby engendering a more accessible, flexible and sustainable government – through the facilitation of knowledge transfer and the development of technical skills and abilities, among individuals who perform mission critical activities requiring collaboration and engagement between government entities and their partners.

Our Strategy

Our programs and cross-platform initiatives facilitate a multi-phase approach to aiding government adoption of virtual engagement tech. Regardless of where you fit into this societal movement – event planner, SaaS provider, government executive, conference facilitator, consultant, etc. – you’re no doubt feeling the pain points that we’re here to help resolve.

The Value of Virtual Events in Governmentpublished in Building Better Conferences and Training

Government Survey: Benefits of Using Virtual Engagements

published in “Building Better Conferences and Training: The Value of Virtual Events in Government”

Ways to Get Involvedour programs and initiatives can help you restore - and even expand - your operations

'M' for Membership


Our members are from government or corporate providers of products and services – such as software-as-as-service vendors, consulting firms, conference planners, ROI services, and professional education providers – that support government implementation and utilization of virtual engagement systems and platforms to better serve the public interest.

'P' for Partnership


Our partners are public and private sector entities – such as government agencies, foundations, non-profits, and academia – that support government implementation of virtual engagement technology platforms to augment in-person functions, and represent a powerful force in improving the quality of collaborations, information sharing and knowledge transfer.

'S' for Sponsorship


Our sponsors are both public and private sector supporters of our efforts and provide their support in a variety of ways: through the donation of products and services, through the donation of developers’ and programmers’ time, and through sponsorship opportunities of special events, publications, products, and our virtual or hybrid conferences.

Membershipbenefits of becoming an AGVE member

Thought Leader Forum program icon


The Thought Leader Forum is made up of representatives of partner and member entities from both the public and private sectors. These innovation leaders and key virtual engagement proponents meet at quarterly round-table discussions in D.C., hosted by AGVE.

The AGVE Thought Leader Forum will coordinate and facilitate meetings and venues for knowledge transfer and collaboration among AGVE Board Directors, Executive staff, Intergovernmental Technology Commission representatives (Gov entity Cooperative Partnerships), and Interdisciplinary Trade Commission representatives (industry entity Memberships). It will also coordinate and facilitate a speaker engagement network for our subject-matter experts to enhance communications outreach.


Benefits of representation within the Thought Leader Forum

  • Network with other industry and government leadership to share information and ideas around virtual engagement practices and strategies.
  • Discuss trends in government technology implementation and use cases for innovative and proven solutions.
  • Learn about guidelines and methods that align compatibility of applications with government needs.
  • Share insights into virtual engagement technology capabilities, solutions and strategies that benefit the public.
  • Participate in leading the development of best practices and guidelines around the implementation and use of virtual engagement tech.


Community of Practice program icon


AGVE leverages the collective knowledge of a networked community of practitioners who specialize in virtual engagement technologies, event planning and management, AV production, cyber security, SaaS design and development, content curation, mobile strategies, Smart Data, GIS initiatives, and others to develop peer-reviewed practices and resolve barriers-to-use.


Benefits of representation within the Community of Practice

  • Participate in the public/private sector dialogue to learn what challenges your vendors/customers face, and what the opportunities are to overcome them.
  • Participate in the knowledge transfer regarding cyber-security and interoperability required for government use of virtual engagement technology.
  • Participate in “tech foraging” in which government personnel evaluate emerging technologies for applicability to their virtual engagement requirements.


Areas of Focus



As use of virtual engagement technologies become more widely utilized by government entities, compatibility among software applications and integrated services will become a topic of ever-increasing importance. Collective knowledge on integration needs and standardization for government will inform and direct a simplified solution.

Professional Development

Equally important is the need for staff, contractors and partners to effectively plan, manage and facilitate virtual engagements using unilateral standards and practices that are viable across government agency lines. Educational materials will be sourced through the open collaboration of virtual engagement practitioners, culminating in the development of standards and evolving best practices that will produce a professional designation.

Solutions Strategies

A simplified and streamlined process for identifying technological needs and best practices for virtual engagements is vital to effectively plan and execute these initiatives successfully. The Community of Practice will develop resources such as directories, comparison tools, and planning and analytic tools to fulfill these requirements.

Who Can Join


  • Staff and contractors within federal, state, territorial and local governments who are practitioners of virtual engagement technology solutions, or responsible for planning conferences and events.
  • Partners of government entities – such as non-profit and for-profit associations and organizations.
  • Virtual technology service providers and consulting firms that service government entities.

Government Benefitsreasons to join AGVE

AGVE was formed specifically to meet the ever-increasing virtual engagement requirements of government. We are the only organization of this kind, that fills the current capability gap through technology development, capability deployments and educational resources specific to virtual engagement.

  • Acquire subject-matter expertise in the area of immersive and non-immersive virtual engagement technologies.
  • Meet with trained staff and contractors equipped to manage virtual tech assets and produce high-quality content.
  • Discover vetted, interoperable technologies that meet security requirements and further stated government initiatives.
  • Experiment with the technology in a controlled setting.

Industry Benefitsreasons to join AGVE

AGVE leverages the collective knowledge of a networked community of practitioners who specialize in virtual engagement technologies, event planning and management, AV production, cyber security, SaaS design and development, content curation, mobile strategies, Smart Data, GIS initiatives, and others by bring together public and private partners to resolve technical, logistical, educational, and managerial issues around the implementation and integration of virtual engagement capabilities for government business users.


Benefits for Software Providers

  • Network with public sector decision makers, and learn firsthand what drives their decisions, what concerns them and what they’re looking for in technology enhancements.
  • Participate in the interoperability developer environment via AGVE’s Virtual Engagement Lab.
  • Contribute to, and utilize, uniform API connectors and cyber security protocols that facilitate interoperability of independent systems, and save time and money.
  • Access shared connectors through AGVE’s Virtual Engagement Lab open source program.
  • Review and experiment with emergent technologies.


Benefits for Event Planners

  • Fulfill important administration and governmental agency initiatives.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for collaboration, learning and conferences – on a modest budget.
  • Meet qualified virtual engagement managers, planners, content curators, and audio visual producers.
  • Establish or increase staff ability to produce high-quality, seamless engagements.
  • Access best practices, guides, product comparisons and evaluation tools.
  • Communicate needs specific to government.
  • Network with seasoned virtual engagement professionals.


Benefits for Vendor Marketers

  • Leverage co-development and co-branding of information resources.
  • Sponsor informative events and conferences.
  • Participate in AGVE’s Thought Leadership Forum for discovering and resolving the virtual tech needs of government.
  • Participate in information and knowledge transfer via AGVE’s Community of Practice.
  • Participate in compliance certification of products and services for government use.


Benefits for Professional Development Providers

  • Access to high-quality multimedia educational assets for use in the production of course curriculum.
  • Participation in a forum for discovering and resolving the virtual engagement-focused professional development needs in support of government.
  • Access to compliance certification of professional development courses that meet AGVE content guidelines.
  • Access to eLearning tools that provide real-time data gathering and analysis.
  • Networking opportunities within Community of Practice groups and virtual events.
  • Access to AGVE’s next generation SCORM development project.

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